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Do you have payment plans available?

Yes! I offer payment plans on ALL packages over $200. If this is something you are interested in learning more about, please reach out. 

What if I don't need an engagement session for my wedding? Does that lower the price?

Since experiences such as boudoir and engagement pictures are complimentary in certain packages, there is no discount for not redeeming them. 

Does travel cost?

Travel to locations within 40 miles of Olathe, Kansas is included in package pricing. Travel starts at 65 cents per every mile over 40. 

Can I receive the unedited pictures?

I've made the decision to not release unedited photos to any client. I feel as though I have worked extremely hard in establishing my brand and I do not believe releasing the RAW pictures portray my art the way I would like!

Do you have location ideas?

I'm FULL OF THEM! You should choose the location that feels the most authentic to you. I'm always down to travel if it means making your dream session come to life. This could be running in a field, dancing around a parking garage or taking on downtown Kansas City. 

How can I ensure a seamless, fun session?

Come ready for FUN. Plan your outfits ahead of time and decide the vibe you are going for. I will do my BEST to make that idea a reality. Once you arrive, I'll take the lead and its game on!

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